Concrete Tinting

This process is used when you want to completely change the color of your surface. It is an additive added to our sealer that when applied can blend imperfections, can transform a worn surface, or just enhance your surface look all the while protecting your surface.

Examples include a patio that had a crack filled which was fairly visible. But after the concrete tint was applied, the crack was less visible. There are variety of concrete tint colors. Call for more information and/or to get a free estimate.

  • Liquid additive added to sealer to re-color surfaces.
  • Variety of colors available.
  • Long lasting, but will require a re-application after oxidation.
  • VOC Compliant
  • Fast drying

Tinting can bring new life back to your older patio.  Take a look at some recent projects:

Before the Tinting Process:

Pool Patio Before Tinting BPool Patio Before Tinting A








After the Tinting Process:

Pool Patio After Tinting APool Patio After Tinting B








Usage areas include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool areas
  • Walkways
  • Garage Floors

For more information, pricing, and to place your order, please call (716) 289-5532 or email