BCI offers a wide range of services to fit your concrete needs. From sealing and protection to restoring the look of your patio BCI has a solution for you.


This process colors the concrete prior to sealing. This color lasts indefinitely as long as the concrete is kept sealed. Antiquing is a variation of shade colors, not one solid color like the concrete tint.


Concrete Safeguard is a water-based concrete sealer that penetrates from the top down polymerizing the pores and providing long-lasting protection.


For those that have paver patios and walkways, we offer some releveling and re-sanding using polymeric sand. Our process includes spraying a commercial weed killer and pressure washing the surface.


This process is used when you want to completely change the color of your surface. It is an additive added to our sealer that when applied can blend imperfections, can transform a worn surface, or just enhance your surface look all the while protecting your surface.


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