Mission Statement:

To provide our clients with a quality experience that includes providing service on promised dates, professional workmanship, high quality products at the lowest possible cost, and exceeding customer expectations.

BCI was founded as a concrete sealing company by Terry Baker from Depew, New York.

Today, BCI has two divisions, the concrete sealer sales division and the concrete sealing service division.

We developed Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal 15 out of necessity. After many years in the concrete sealing business, and trying more types of concrete sealers than we can count, we grew tired of running into the same problems over and over again… delamination, popping, flaking, pitting, staining, poor longevity, inadequate surface penetration and every other problem imaginable.

As many other concrete contractors have experienced at some point, sealing jobs became a liability instead of being as successful and profitable as we knew they should be.

We decided to do something about it… by developing our own concrete sealers Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal 15.

After extensive research, development, field testing and real world trials, we developed our own proprietary concrete sealers that exceed the performance of all other concrete sealers on the market. The formulas we developed took years of research and are proprietary. All of our products are American-Made.

Concrete sealing jobs became profitable again, premature re-sealing became a distant memory, and sealing jobs became an asset instead of a liability as word of mouth spread rapidly.

Soon, other concrete contractors started inquiring about our products, and after seeing the results for themselves, became regular customers – the majority using our concrete sealers exclusively.

All of a sudden we were selling more concrete sealer to other contractors than we were applying ourselves!

This validated what we already knew – Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal 15 can be an asset to every concrete contractor and concrete sealing company out there.

…and the rest, as they say, is history!