I am very satisfied with your material and knowledge.

Dr. George E ~ East Amherst , NY

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Concrete SealingSince 2006, BCI has been providing concrete sealing services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Buffalo, Erie County, Niagara County and surrounding areas.

When BCI first started in the concrete sealing business, they tried and tested nearly every concrete sealing product on the market. Unfortunately, they all shared common shortfalls... the concrete penetrating characteristics were poor and the longevity and quality left much to be desired.

After years of frustration, and many premature re-seal jobs caused by working with sub-standard products, BCI formulated and developed their own line of concrete sealers - which are known as Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal 15.

The proprietary, American-made formulas of Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal Concrete Sealing15 far exceed all competing concrete sealing products on the market.

Their ease of application, durability, strength and longevity have made Concrete Safeguard and Top Seal 15 so popular, that a substantial portion of BCI's business now comes from selling concrete sealers to other contractors!

Your concrete is NOT maintenance free...
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Concrete Safeguard

Penetrating concrete sealer for use on brushed, broomed or troweled concrete

Water-based, Siloxane/Silane

Concrete Safeguard is a water-based concrete sealer that penetrates from the top-down polymerizing the pores and providing long lasting protection.

  • Strengthens and Conditions concrete. 
  • Waterproofs and preserves. 
  • Protects against hairline cracks.
  • Non-slippery:  penetrates leaving the texture of the surface unchanged.
  • No streaks or discoloring.
  • VOC Compliant
  • Lasts 3 years. 
  • Environmentally friendly.

Top Seal 15

Beauty enhancing concrete sealer for use on decorative concrete and pavers

 A non-yellowing acrylic-based sealer perfect for decorative concrete and can be used as a concrete curing agent.

  • Easy to work with and will not delaminate.  High Quality.
  • Gloss finish-  Soft-sheen.  Less slippery than other sealer brands.
  •  Enhanced resistance to spalling, mildew growth, and freeze/thaw cycles.
  • VOC Compliant
  • UV resistant
  • No streaks or discoloring.
  •  Lasts 2 years.
  • NEW SERVICE:  For color that has worn away on stamped concrete– ask about our option to add your color back in.  It will look like new.

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I am very satisfied with your material and knowledge.

Dr. George E ~ East Amherst , NY


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Now Offering Antiquing Process


Our 'Antiquing' process can make your worn out decorative concrete look like new. This process dyes your concrete and brings back it's youthful look at a fraction of the cost to replace.

Antiquing - Before Antiquing - During Antiquing - After
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